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Mirror Mirror…

Kathryn Budig told me to write ‘I am beautiful’ in Sharpie on my bathroom mirror. So I did.

Not just because if Kathryn Budig told me to chakrasana (Sanskrit translation: basically a backward roll) off the edge of a cliff I’d whole-heartedly go for it, but because I loved the idea behind it. Every morning, I’d stumble bleary eyed towards the shower and just as I was about to get critical with my reflection, I’d be confronted with this rather stunning statement and remember how totally true it was.

I’d have no need to pinch my podge, smush my unruly eyebrows, jump up and down to see how much of me wobbled or ponder the age-old conundrum of exactly how it is that a girl can be starting with wrinkles before she’s outgrown spots – to Olay or Clearasil? Nope, now this most important of daily affirmations would be literally staring me right in the face.

Instead, I’d happily tousle my wild-woman hair and remind myself how bed heads are badass, write off my blackened toenails and terminally grim boot-feet as exciting scars (because my day job is so exciting that massive horses occasionally stand on me) and resist the urge to poke my wobbly bits because actually, they’re called my hips and they’re hot.

Happy days.

At least until about day three. When I very sadly realized that:

a)    I’m not Kathryn Budig

b)   I don’t get along too swimmingly with affirmations

But I did really want that first thing in the morning smash-in-the-face reminder that my life and I are superlatively wonderful.

So, over the next few days (while I researched how exactly you get permanent marker back off your landlord’s mirror) I had a think.

And this is what I came up with…

Instead of a statement that sometimes made me feel like a white-hot vixen and other times just pissed me off and made me feel like a big fat yoga fake, I decided to write something else up there.

I went with the words that I wanted to squeeze from my day. Feelings that give me that gin-and-tonic rush of happy but without the need for alcohol. Non-toxic intoxication.

Et voila… 

Wild. Divine. Love. Adventure. Every day.

Wild. Divine. Love. Adventure. Every single day.

I might think my day is going to be flat, square and dull as beige knitwear, but now I have a scaffold to riff off and make my heart beat a little truer. Take LOVE. Maybe I’ll chase it this morning by showing it where I least expect to (who doesn’t have colleagues that make us want to think bad things, or entirely amazing people we completely take for granted?) and that will make me feel good.

Making these words happen makes me feel beautiful.

Our intentions may be great, but we don’t always have time to transition gently into our day with some meditation, a stint on the yoga mat and a green smoothie. Somehow, we find ourselves with just under 16 minutes to get dressed, feed the dog/kids/man/lady, inhale some toast and coffee, pack up some lunch and get our selves out of the door to a job that may well drive us crazy. But that’s okay.

The mirror trick gets us to pause for a few precious little seconds. It’s a compass for the day. Centre yourself, get grateful and remind yourself why you’re here. To be happy. And to shine that back out at the world from that solid, quiet, inescapably beautiful place inside yourself.

And so, as utterly cheese-balls as it sounds, I completely and 110% encourage you to go and write on your mirror. Maybe you want to go with a bold ‘I am beautiful’, and more power to you if you can believe that every morning! Maybe you want to stick with those feelings that make you zing, if only you’d remember to chase them. Whatever suits. Just go say ‘good morning’ to yourself.

Namaste (and wild, divine love :p)

S x

P.S. Don’t worry too much about the marker. Google will help you get it off again.

P.P.S. Don’t worry too much about other people seeing your message and judging you… Yep, maybe they’ll think you’re a sandwich short of a picnic. But maybe they’ll think you’re sweet and fall a little bit more in love with you. And maybe they’ll take your words to heart and have a better day.

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