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5 Ways to Let Go of Whatever Held You Back in 2014

I worry that people aren't allowed Colin Caterpillar cakes for their 30th :(

I worry that people aren’t allowed Colin Caterpillar cakes for their 30th 😦

I woke up on Sunday with what I perceived to be a huge problem. It was my birthday. I had turned 29 while I was sleeping. 29!! One moment I was happily blundering along being 28 and then… BANG! I found myself perilously close to turning 30.

Because in my head 30 is when the magic happens. 30 is when I will become *horrified gasp* a fully fledged GROWN UP.

So, Sunday marked my own little New Year. The start of my 365 day dress rehearsal for responsible adulthood. I needed to hone my focus, turbo-charge my super-powers and rid myself of some demons. I thought the easiest way to start would be to read something inspiring and/or spiritual first thing in the morning, instead of just dopily pushing the glowiest buttons on my generic smartphone.

Either the fates approved of my plan or I got myself a happy coincidence, because I opened my inspirational text (Rolf Gates’ Meditations from the Mat, incase you were wondering) straight onto a passage about aparigraha.

Aparigraha is yoga’s 5th yama (ethical code). Traditionally defined as ‘nonhoarding’, I’ve always found this translation to be kinda useful, but mostly reminiscent of those trashy programs on Channel 5 where people who probably need professional help not having their bones picked by a documentary crew, live entombed amongst of piles and piles of really, really crazy shizzle. i.e. it’s really easy to think you’re already don’t hoard and give aparigraha the slip.  Continue reading

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