The Easiest 2-Ingredient Smoothie Ever. In the Universe

I love smoothies. They’re quick and easy to make, minimal on the washing up and make uber-portable breakfasts for those days when you have to get up and go. Not that I’ve ever felt the need to restrict my smoothie-drinking to the early hours. Plus, because they’re so easy to digest, they make the perfect pre-practice fuel.


Affectionately known in our house as b’OJ (sounds tasty, I know), this has a real zingy vs. sweet, orange sherbert thing going on. Not only does it require just 2 cheap and storage-friendly ingredients and approximately 90 seconds of your day to throw it together, b’OJ offers a nutrient-dense, speedy blast of energy, antioxidants and Vitamin C. Kinda like coffee, but pink and good for you.

(Also, with the end of watermelon season upon us, this concoction is the perfect watermelon-juice-breakfast-replacement. Maybe not in taste, but definitely in happy pink hue and summer-in-a-glass goodness.)

Makes one meal-sized or two snack-sized serving/s:


750ml-1 litre of orange juice *

Half a pack (approx. 200g) frozen berries


Put ingredients into blender (high speed if you have it). Press go, blend until pink and smooth.

* A note on OJ – fresh squeezed is best if you have the oranges, if not freshly squeezed from the shop will do. In the UK, I love Cold Cold ColdPress’s raw juices coz they’re easily available from the Supermarket. Also bits = extra fibre = good.

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